Wine List
The Sweetness Scale listed after each wine ranges from 0 (Driest) to 4 (Sweetest).

White Wines

Huidekoper - A sweet, very fruity wine, with the aroma and taste of fresh grapes. This wine was popular at the Turn of the Century. Named for the Huidekoper estate on the Lake. This wine should be enjoyed at any time, especially for dessert or in wine coolers. Sweetness Scale=4

Princess Snowater - A semi-sweet wine with a nice fruit aroma and finish. Ideal for those who do not care for a dry tart wine. Named for the Indian word for Conneaut, meaning snow waters. A real fun wine for all occasions, including Chinese cooking, picnics, cookouts and parties. Sweetness Scale=3

Allegheny Gold - A semi-sweet wine with a Granny Smith Apple aroma. Named for nearby Allegheny College and the Allegheny River. Enjoy with fruits, cheeses, salads and chicken dishes. Sweetness Scale=2.5

Wolf Island - A medium wine, neither dry nor sweet, with a well-balanced flavor and a pleasant aroma of the vineyards. Named for the largest island on Conneaut Lake. An excellent companion to chicken and fish. Sweetness Scale=2

Riesling - A semi-dry wine made from the grape of Rhine Wine fame. This wine was originally named Iroquois Gold for the Native American Iroquois of Conneaut Lake. Aromas are apples, peaches, and orange peels. The perfect wine for fruit, cheese, salad and poultry. Sweetness Scale=2

Gewürztraminer (Gee-vurtz-trey-meener) - An off-dry wine made with the Alsatian grape. It is distinctive, spicy and aromatic. Aromas are lychee-nuts, apricots, grapefruit and pineapple. Complements spicy dishes, glazed pork, fruit, and Chinese Cuisine. Limited quantities are available. Sweetness Scale=1.5

Reflections of Lake Erie - Our own version of the wine made by the member wineries of the Lake Erie Quality Wine Alliance. This is an off-dry blend of Chardonnay and Riesling grapes grown in the Lake Erie District. It is the perfect counterpart to hors d'oeuvres or meals requiring a crisp, clean white wine. Sweetness Scale=1.0

Snug Harbor - A delightfully crisp off-dry varietal wine made from the hybrid Vidal Blanc grape and Seyval grape. Named for the area on the East Side of Conneaut Lake where a lighthouse stands. Lemon and peach aromas with a well-balanced flavor characterize this wine. Goes very well with seafood and poultry recipes. Sweetness Scale=1

Pinot Grigio - A wonderfully dry white Vinifera wine made from the Pinot Grigio grape. It has citrus aromas and flavors with a clean taste. Excellent with traditional fish, poultry, and pork dishes. Sweetness Scale=0

Chardonnay - A dry white wine made from Chardonnay grape with a touch of Viognier grape, barrel-fermented, and aged in French oak barrels. It has toasted almonds, citrus, vanilla, apple, peach, and apricot aromas with intense lemon rind and spice flavors - an unrivaled companion for chicken and seafood in sauces and gravies. Sweetness Scale=0

Rose Wines

Pymatuning Rose - A semi-sweet rose wine made from Native American Grapes. Named for Pymatuning Lake. It has a very citrus aroma with a pleasant flavor making it an all-purpose wine. This wine is a fun wine to be enjoyed any time or place. Great for those summertime picnics or winter card parties! Sweetness Scale=3

Midway Blush - A mellow rose/blush wine made from a blend of native and hybrid grapes. Named for the Midway Area on the East Side of Conneaut Lake. It is a "Midway" wine with flavors and aromas midway on the scale. This wine is an all-purpose wine that complements lunches, buffets and casual dining. Sweetness Scale=2

Red Wines

Hazel Park Red - A sweet, light colored, creamy tasting wine with lots of American grape aroma. Named for the Hazel Park area on the East Side of Conneaut Lake. This wine is to be enjoyed at any time, especially as a sipping wine or as a dessert wine. Sweetness Scale=4

Summit Red - A semi-sweet red wine made predominantly with DeChaunac grapes. Named for Summit Township which lies at the north end of Conneaut Lake. Great for sipping, parties, and casual get-togethers with friends. Sweetness Scale=3

Colonel Crawford - A semi-dry red wine with a mellow berry aroma and flavor. Named for Crawford County's frontier hero. Goes very well with wine and cheese parties, barbecues, and shish kabobs. Sweetness Scale=2

Sadsbury Red - An off-dry, slightly tart red wine with a berry flavor (Burgundy Style). Named for Sadsbury Township which encompasses a large part of Conneaut Lake. Great with pasta dishes, steaks, chops and roasts. Sweetness Scale=1

Merlot - A semi-dry Vinifera wine made from Merlot grapes. Aromas and flavors are vanilla, black currant, plum, and chocolate. Goes very well with grilled meats, hard cheese, barbecued pork, and rack of lamb. Sweetness Scale = 1

Cabernet Franc - A dry, hearty Bordeaux grape. It is aged 18 months in American Oak. One of the parent grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas are allspice, boysenberry, and cranberry. Wonderful when served with sirloin of beef or pork roasts. Sweetness Scale=0

Cabernet Sauvignon - A dry Bordeaux grape that matures into a robust wine. It is aged for 2 years in American Oak, giving a definitive full-bodied taste. Aromas are bittersweet chocolate, green peppers, black currant and raspberries. Perfect for lamb, steaks, and chops as well as chocolate. Sweetness Scale=0

Pinot Noir - A dry, red Burgundy grape that is light in body, color, and tannin. It is aged in French oak barrels and has a slight spicy bouquet and a strawberry pie flavor with a smooth mouth feel finish. This versatile, easy-drinking wine is a good partner with grilled salmon, turkey, fowl, hamburgers, fresh tuna and pork loin. Sweetness Scale = 0

Specialty Wines

Ice House Misty Bubbly Pink - This sparkling light wine is less effervescent than our white bubbly or Champagne, semi-sweet, and has a grapy aroma and great for special occasions. Crackling wine is known as frizzante (Italy), petillant (France), and spritzing (Germany). Named for icehouses on south side of the lake during the 1890s-1930s. Sweetness Scale = 3

Ice House Misty Bubbly White - A semi-dry sparkling wine. Perfect for celebrating and to make any occasion memorable. Named for the bay at the southeast corner of Conneaut Lake. It is usually served before or after dinner and complements many desserts. Available seasonally. Sweetness Scale=2

Forté Shenango - White Port - Made from 50% Pinot Gris, 25% Gewürztraminer, and 25% Riesling grapes where high proof brandy was added and then aged 12 months in neutral oak barrels. Named for the Shenango River, which runs from Pymatuning Lake in Crawford County to Greenville and Sharon in Mercer County. Aromas and flavors are apricot, honey, and peach. Great aperitif when chilled or poured over ice. Pairs well with Gouda cheese, olives, roasted almonds, sushi, smoked salmon, clam chowder, and desserts. (500 ml bottle). Tasting Fee. Sweetness Scale = 4+

Forté Venango - Red Port - Made from Noiret and Merlot grapes where high proof brandy was added to stop the fermentation, resulting in natural residual sugar and 20% alcohol; then aged 36 months in neutral oak barrels. Named for the nearby 1760 British Fort. Aromas and flavors are star anise, nutmeg, fig, orange, and chocolate. This dessert wine pairs well with blue cheese, Brie cheese, cheesecake, walnuts, dark chocolate truffles, and pecan pie. (500 ml bottle). Tasting Fee. Sweetness Scale = 4+

Red Raspberry - Made from 100% raspberries. Perfect complement to cheesecake, chocolate desserts, or serve as a spritzer with crushed ice. Best enjoyed with a favorite dessert or cheese. Serve chilled. (375 ml bottle). Available Seasonally. Tasting Fee. Sweetness Scale = 4

Vidal - Ice Wine - Vidal Blanc grapes harvested at 38.8 Brix on January 7, 2012, at 1 am and pressed at 2 am when temperature was 14 degree F (-10 C). This dessert wine is luxuriously sweet on the palate and offers rich aromas of apricot and mango. Best enjoyed with a favorite dessert or cheese. Serve chilled. (375 ml bottle). Tasting Fee. Sweetness Scale = 4+